Divisions / Construction work 821

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Construction work

Code Name
45100000-8 Site preparation work
45110000-1 Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work
45111000-8 Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
45111100-9 Demolition work
45111200-0 Site preparation and clearance work
45111210-3 Blasting and associated rock-removal work
45111211-0 Blasting work
45111212-7 Rock-removal work
45111213-4 Site-clearance work
45111214-1 Blast-clearing work
45111220-6 Scrub-removal work
45111230-9 Ground-stabilisation work
45111240-2 Ground-drainage work
45111250-5 Ground investigation work
45111260-8 Site-preparation work for mining
45111290-7 Primary works for services
45111291-4 Site-development work
45111300-1 Dismantling works
45111310-4 Dismantling works for military installations
45111320-7 Dismantling works for security installations
45112000-5 Excavating and earthmoving work
45112100-6 Trench-digging work
45112200-7 Soil-stripping work
45112210-0 Topsoil-stripping work
45112300-8 Infill and land-reclamation work
45112310-1 Infill work
45112320-4 Land-reclamation work
45112330-7 Site-reclamation work
45112340-0 Soil-decontamination work
45112350-3 Reclamation of waste land
45112360-6 Land rehabilitation work
45112400-9 Excavating work
45112410-2 Grave-digging work
45112420-5 Basement excavation work
45112440-1 Terracing of hillsides
45112441-8 Terracing work
45112450-4 Excavation work at archaeological sites
45112500-0 Earthmoving work
45112600-1 Cut and fill
45112700-2 Landscaping work
45112710-5 Landscaping work for green areas
45112711-2 Landscaping work for parks
45112712-9 Landscaping work for gardens
45112713-6 Landscaping work for roof gardens
45112714-3 Landscaping work for cemeteries
45112720-8 Landscaping work for sports grounds and recreational areas
45112721-5 Landscaping work for golf courses
45112722-2 Landscaping work for riding areas
45112723-9 Landscaping work for playgrounds
45112730-1 Landscaping work for roads and motorways
45112740-4 Landscaping work for airports
45113000-2 Siteworks
45120000-4 Test drilling and boring work
45121000-1 Test drilling work
45122000-8 Test boring work
45200000-9 Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
45210000-2 Building construction work
45211000-9 Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
45211100-0 Construction work for houses
45211200-1 Sheltered housing construction work
45211300-2 Houses construction work
45211310-5 Bathrooms construction work
45211320-8 Porches construction work
45211340-4 Multi-dwelling buildings construction work
45211341-1 Flats construction work
45211350-7 Multi-functional buildings construction work
45211360-0 Urban development construction work
45211370-3 Construction works for saunas
45212000-6 Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants
45212100-7 Construction work of leisure facilities
45212110-0 Leisure centre construction work
45212120-3 Theme park construction work
45212130-6 Amusement park construction work
45212140-9 Recreation installation
45212150-2 Cinema construction work
45212160-5 Casino construction work
45212170-8 Entertainment building construction work
45212171-5 Entertainment centre construction work
45212172-2 Recreation centre construction work
45212180-1 Ticket offices construction work
45212190-4 Sun-protection works
45212200-8 Construction work for sports facilities
45212210-1 Single-purpose sports facilities construction work
45212211-8 Ice rink construction work
45212212-5 Construction work for swimming pool
45212213-2 Sport markings works
45212220-4 Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work
45212221-1 Construction work in connection with structures for sports ground
45212222-8 Gymnasium construction work
45212223-5 Winter-sports facilities construction work
45212224-2 Stadium construction work
45212225-9 Sports hall construction work
45212230-7 Installation of changing rooms
45212290-5 Repair and maintenance work in connection with sports facilities
45212300-9 Construction work for art and cultural buildings
45212310-2 Construction work for buildings relating to exhibitions
45212311-9 Art gallery construction work
45212312-6 Exhibition centre construction work
45212313-3 Museum construction work
45212314-0 Historical monument or memorial construction work
45212320-5 Construction work for buildings relating to artistic performances
45212321-2 Auditorium construction work
45212322-9 Theatre construction work
45212330-8 Library construction work
45212331-5 Multimedia library construction work
45212340-1 Lecture hall construction work
45212350-4 Buildings of particular historical or architectural interest
45212351-1 Prehistoric monument construction work
45212352-8 Industrial monument construction work
45212353-5 Palace construction work
45212354-2 Castle construction work
45212360-7 Religious buildings construction work
45212361-4 Church construction work
45212400-0 Accommodation and restaurant buildings
45212410-3 Construction work for lodging buildings
45212411-0 Hotel construction work
45212412-7 Hostel construction work
45212413-4 Short-stay accommodation construction work
45212420-6 Construction work for restaurants and similar facilities
45212421-3 Restaurant construction work
45212422-0 Canteen construction work
45212423-7 Cafeteria construction work
45212500-1 Kitchen or restaurant conversion
45212600-2 Pavilion construction work
45213000-3 Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport
45213100-4 Construction work for commercial buildings
45213110-7 Shop buildings construction work
45213111-4 Shopping centre construction work
45213112-1 Shop units construction work
45213120-0 Post office construction work
45213130-3 Bank construction work
45213140-6 Market construction work
45213141-3 Covered market construction work
45213142-0 Open-air market construction work
45213150-9 Office block construction work
45213200-5 Construction work for warehouses and industrial buildings
45213210-8 Cold-storage installations
45213220-1 Construction work for warehouses
45213221-8 Warehouse stores construction work
45213230-4 Abattoir construction work
45213240-7 Agricultural buildings construction work
45213241-4 Barn construction work
45213242-1 Cowsheds construction work
45213250-0 Construction work for industrial buildings
45213251-7 Industrial units construction work
45213252-4 Workshops construction work
45213260-3 Stores depot construction work
45213270-6 Construction works for recycling station
45213280-9 Construction works for compost facility
45213300-6 Buildings associated with transport
45213310-9 Construction work for buildings relating to road transport
45213311-6 Bus station construction work
45213312-3 Car park building construction work
45213313-0 Service-area building construction work
45213314-7 Bus garage construction work
45213315-4 Bus-stop shelter construction work
45213316-1 Installation works of walkways
45213320-2 Construction work for buildings relating to railway transport
45213321-9 Railway station construction work
45213322-6 Rail terminal building construction work
45213330-5 Construction work for buildings relating to air transport
45213331-2 Airport buildings construction work
45213332-9 Airport control tower construction work
45213333-6 Installation works of airport check-in counters
45213340-8 Construction work for buildings relating to water transport
45213341-5 Ferry terminal building construction work
45213342-2 Ro-ro terminal construction work
45213350-1 Construction work for buildings relating to various means of transport
45213351-8 Maintenance hangar construction work
45213352-5 Service depot construction work
45213353-2 Installation works of passenger boarding bridges
45213400-7 Installation of staff rooms
45214000-0 Construction work for buildings relating to education and research
45214100-1 Construction work for kindergarten buildings
45214200-2 Construction work for school buildings
45214210-5 Primary school construction work
45214220-8 Secondary school construction work
45214230-1 Special school construction work
45214300-3 Construction work for college buildings
45214310-6 Vocational college construction work
45214320-9 Technical college construction work
45214400-4 Construction work for university buildings
45214410-7 Polytechnic construction work
45214420-0 Lecture theatre construction work
45214430-3 Language laboratory construction work
45214500-5 Construction work for buildings of further education
45214600-6 Construction work for research buildings
45214610-9 Laboratory building construction work
45214620-2 Research and testing facilities construction work
45214630-5 Scientific installations
45214631-2 Installation works of cleanrooms
45214640-8 Meteorological stations construction work
45214700-7 Construction work for halls of residence
45214710-0 Entrance hall construction work
45214800-8 Training facilities building
45215000-7 Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences
45215100-8 Construction work for buildings relating to health
45215110-1 Spa construction work
45215120-4 Special medical building construction work
45215130-7 Clinic construction work
45215140-0 Hospital facilities construction work
45215141-7 Operating theatre construction work
45215142-4 Intensive-care unit construction work
45215143-1 Diagnostic screening room construction work
45215144-8 Screening rooms construction work
45215145-5 Fluoroscopy room construction work
45215146-2 Pathology room construction work
45215147-9 Forensic room construction work
45215148-6 Catheter room construction work
45215200-9 Construction work for social services buildings
45215210-2 Construction work for subsidised residential accommodation
45215212-6 Retirement home construction work
45215213-3 Nursing home construction work
45215214-0 Residential homes construction work
45215215-7 Children's home construction work
45215220-5 Construction work for social facilities other than subsidised residential accommodation
45215221-2 Daycare centre construction work
45215222-9 Civic centre construction work
45215300-0 Construction work for crematoriums
45215400-1 Cemetery works
45215500-2 Public conveniences
45216000-4 Construction work for buildings relating to law and order or emergency services and for military buildings
45216100-5 Construction work for buildings relating to law and order or emergency services
45216110-8 Construction work for buildings relating to law and order
45216111-5 Police station construction work
45216112-2 Court building construction work
45216113-9 Prison building construction work
45216114-6 Parliament and public assembly buildings
45216120-1 Construction work for buildings relating to emergency services
45216121-8 Fire station construction work
45216122-5 Ambulance station construction work
45216123-2 Mountain-rescue building construction work
45216124-9 Lifeboat station construction work
45216125-6 Emergency-services building construction work
45216126-3 Coastguard building construction work
45216127-0 Rescue-service station construction work
45216128-7 Lighthouse construction work
45216129-4 Protective shelters
45216200-6 Construction work for military buildings and installations
45216220-2 Military bunker construction work
45216230-5 Military shelter construction work
45216250-1 Trench defences construction work
45217000-1 Inflatable buildings construction work
45220000-5 Engineering works and construction works
45221000-2 Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways
45221100-3 Construction work for bridges
45221110-6 Bridge construction work
45221111-3 Road bridge construction work
45221112-0 Railway bridge construction work
45221113-7 Footbridge construction work
45221114-4 Construction work for iron bridges
45221115-1 Construction work for steel bridges
45221117-5 Weighbridge construction work
45221118-2 Pipeline-carrying bridge construction work
45221119-9 Bridge renewal construction work
45221120-9 Viaduct construction work
45221121-6 Road viaduct construction work
45221122-3 Railway viaduct construction work
45221200-4 Construction work for tunnels, shafts and subways
45221210-7 Covered or partially-covered excavations
45221211-4 Underpass
45221213-8 Covered or partially-covered railway excavations
45221214-5 Covered or partially-covered road excavations
45221220-0 Culverts
45221230-3 Shafts
45221240-6 Construction work for tunnels
45221241-3 Road tunnel construction work
45221242-0 Railway tunnel construction work
45221243-7 Pedestrian tunnel construction work
45221244-4 Canal tunnel construction work
45221245-1 Under-river tunnel construction work
45221246-8 Undersea tunnel construction work
45221247-5 Tunnelling works
45221248-2 Tunnel linings construction work
45221250-9 Underground work other than tunnels, shafts and subways
45222000-9 Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways
45222100-0 Waste-treatment plant construction work
45222110-3 Waste disposal site construction work
45222200-1 Engineering work for military installations
45222300-2 Engineering work for security installations
45223000-6 Structures construction work
45223100-7 Assembly of metal structures
45223110-0 Installation of metal structures
45223200-8 Structural works
45223210-1 Structural steelworks
45223220-4 Structural shell work
45223300-9 Parking lot construction work
45223310-2 Underground car park construction work
45223320-5 Park-and-ride facility construction work
45223400-0 Radar station construction work
45223500-1 Reinforced-concrete structures
45223600-2 Dog kennels construction work
45223700-3 Service area construction work
45223710-6 Motorway service area construction work
45223720-9 Petrol/gas stations construction work
45223800-4 Assembly and erection of prefabricated structures
45223810-7 Prefabricated constructions
45223820-0 Prefabricated units and components
45223821-7 Prefabricated units
45223822-4 Prefabricated components
45230000-8 Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork
45231000-5 Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines
45231100-6 General construction work for pipelines
45231110-9 Pipelaying construction work
45231111-6 Pipeline lifting and relaying
45231112-3 Installation of pipe system
45231113-0 Pipeline relaying works
45231200-7 Construction work for oil and gas pipelines
45231210-0 Construction work for oil pipelines
45231220-3 Construction work for gas pipelines
45231221-0 Gas supply mains construction work
45231222-7 Gasholder works
45231223-4 Gas distribution ancillary work
45231300-8 Construction work for water and sewage pipelines
45231400-9 Construction work for electricity power lines
45231500-0 Compressed-air pipeline work
45231510-3 Compressed-air pipeline work for mailing system
45231600-1 Construction work for communication lines
45232000-2 Ancillary works for pipelines and cables
45232100-3 Ancillary works for water pipelines
45232120-9 Irrigation works
45232121-6 Irrigation piping construction work
45232130-2 Storm-water piping construction work
45232140-5 District-heating mains construction work
45232141-2 Heating works
45232142-9 Heat-transfer station construction work
45232150-8 Works related to water-distribution pipelines
45232151-5 Water-main refurbishment construction work
45232152-2 Pumping station construction work
45232153-9 Construction work for water towers
45232154-6 Construction work of elevated tanks for drinking water
45232200-4 Ancillary works for electricity power lines
45232210-7 Overhead line construction
45232220-0 Substation construction work
45232221-7 Transformer substation
45232300-5 Construction and ancillary works for telephone and communication lines
45232310-8 Construction work for telephone lines
45232311-5 Roadside emergency telephone lines
45232320-1 Cable broadcasting lines
45232330-4 Erection of aerials
45232331-1 Ancillary works for broadcasting
45232332-8 Ancillary works for telecommunications
45232340-7 Mobile-telephone base-stations construction work
45232400-6 Sewer construction work
45232410-9 Sewerage work
45232411-6 Foul-water piping construction work
45232420-2 Sewage work
45232421-9 Sewage treatment works
45232422-6 Sludge-treatment works
45232423-3 Sewage pumping stations construction work
45232424-0 Sewage outfall construction work
45232430-5 Water-treatment work
45232431-2 Wastewater pumping station
45232440-8 Construction work for sewage pipes
45232450-1 Drainage construction works
45232451-8 Drainage and surface works
45232452-5 Drainage works
45232453-2 Drains construction work
45232454-9 Rain-water basin construction work
45232460-4 Sanitary works
45232470-7 Waste transfer station
45233000-9 Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads
45233100-0 Construction work for highways, roads
45233110-3 Motorway construction works
45233120-6 Road construction works
45233121-3 Main road construction works
45233122-0 Ring road construction work
45233123-7 Secondary road construction work
45233124-4 Trunk road construction work
45233125-1 Road junction construction work
45233126-8 Grade-separated junction construction work
45233127-5 T-junction construction work
45233128-2 Roundabout construction work
45233129-9 Crossroad construction work
45233130-9 Construction work for highways
45233131-6 Construction work for elevated highways
45233139-3 Highway maintenance work
45233140-2 Roadworks
45233141-9 Road-maintenance works
45233142-6 Road-repair works
45233144-0 Overpass construction work
45233150-5 Traffic-calming works
45233160-8 Paths and other metalled surfaces
45233161-5 Footpath construction work
45233162-2 Cycle path construction work
45233200-1 Various surface works
45233210-4 Surface work for highways
45233220-7 Surface work for roads
45233221-4 Road-surface painting work
45233222-1 Paving and asphalting works
45233223-8 Carriageway resurfacing works
45233224-5 Dual carriageway construction work
45233225-2 Single carriageway construction work
45233226-9 Access road construction work
45233227-6 Slip road construction work
45233228-3 Surface coating construction work
45233229-0 Verge maintenance work
45233250-6 Surfacing work except for roads
45233251-3 Resurfacing works
45233252-0 Surface work for streets
45233253-7 Surface work for footpaths
45233260-9 Pedestrian ways construction work
45233261-6 Pedestrian overpass construction work
45233262-3 Pedestrian zone construction work
45233270-2 Parking-lot-surface painting work
45233280-5 Erection of road-barriers
45233290-8 Installation of road signs
45233291-5 Installation of bollards
45233292-2 Installation of safety equipment
45233293-9 Installation of street furniture
45233294-6 Installation of road signals
45233300-2 Foundation work for highways, roads, streets and footpaths
45233310-5 Foundation work for highways
45233320-8 Foundation work for roads
45233330-1 Foundation work for streets
45233340-4 Foundation work for footpaths
45234000-6 Construction work for railways and cable transport systems
45234100-7 Railway construction works
45234110-0 Intercity railway works
45234111-7 City railway construction work
45234112-4 Railway depot construction work
45234113-1 Demolition of tracks
45234114-8 Railway embankment construction work
45234115-5 Railway signalling works
45234116-2 Track construction works
45234120-3 Urban railway works
45234121-0 Tramway works
45234122-7 Underground railway works
45234123-4 Partially underground railway works
45234124-1 Underground passenger railway transport
45234125-8 Underground railway station
45234126-5 Tramline construction works
45234127-2 Tramway depot construction work
45234128-9 Tramway platforms construction work
45234129-6 Urban railway track construction works
45234130-6 Ballast construction works
45234140-9 Level crossing construction works
45234160-5 Catenary's construction works
45234170-8 Locomotive-substations construction works
45234180-1 Construction work for railways workshop
45234181-8 Construction work for rail track sectioning cabins
45234200-8 Cable-supported transport systems
45234210-1 Cable-supported transport systems with cabins
45234220-4 Construction work for ski lifts
45234230-7 Construction work for chair lifts
45234240-0 Funicular railway system
45234250-3 Teleferic construction work
45235000-3 Construction work for airfields, runways and manoeuvring surfaces
45235100-4 Construction work for airports
45235110-7 Construction work for airfields
45235111-4 Airfield pavement construction work
45235200-5 Runway construction works
45235210-8 Runway resurfacing
45235300-6 Construction work for aircraft-manoeuvring surfaces
45235310-9 Taxiway construction work
45235311-6 Taxiway pavement construction work
45235320-2 Construction work for aircraft aprons
45236000-0 Flatwork
45236100-1 Flatwork for miscellaneous sports installations
45236110-4 Flatwork for sports fields
45236111-1 Flatwork for golf course
45236112-8 Flatwork for tennis court
45236113-5 Flatwork for racecourse
45236114-2 Flatwork for running tracks
45236119-7 Repair work on sports fields
45236200-2 Flatwork for recreation installations
45236210-5 Flatwork for children's play area
45236220-8 Flatwork for zoo
45236230-1 Flatwork for gardens
45236250-7 Flatwork for parks
45236290-9 Repair work on recreational areas
45236300-3 Flatwork for cemeteries
45237000-7 Stage construction works
45240000-1 Construction work for water projects
45241000-8 Harbour construction works
45241100-9 Quay construction work
45241200-0 Offshore terminal in situ construction work
45241300-1 Pier construction work
45241400-2 Dock construction work
45241500-3 Wharf construction work
45241600-4 Installation of port lighting equipment
45242000-5 Waterside leisure facilities construction work
45242100-6 Water-sports facilities construction work
45242110-9 Launchway construction work
45242200-7 Marina construction work
45242210-0 Yacht harbour construction work
45243000-2 Coastal-defence works
45243100-3 Cliff-protection works
45243110-6 Cliff-stabilisation works
45243200-4 Breakwater construction work
45243300-5 Sea wall construction work
45243400-6 Beach-consolidation works
45243500-7 Sea defences construction work
45243510-0 Embankment works
45243600-8 Quay wall construction work
45244000-9 Marine construction works
45244100-0 Marine installations
45244200-1 Jetties
45245000-6 Dredging and pumping works for water treatment plant installations
45246000-3 River regulation and flood control works
45246100-4 River-wall construction
45246200-5 Riverbank protection works
45246400-7 Flood-prevention works
45246410-0 Flood-defences maintenance works
45246500-8 Promenade construction work
45246510-1 Boardwalk construction work
45247000-0 Construction work for dams, canals, irrigation channels and aqueducts
45247100-1 Construction work for waterways
45247110-4 Canal construction
45247111-1 Irrigation channel construction work
45247112-8 Drainage canal construction work
45247120-7 Waterways except canals
45247130-0 Aqueduct construction work
45247200-2 Construction work for dams and similar fixed structures
45247210-5 Dam construction work
45247211-2 Dam wall construction work
45247212-9 Dam-reinforcement works
45247220-8 Weir construction work
45247230-1 Dyke construction work
45247240-4 Static barrage construction work
45247270-3 Reservoir construction works
45248000-7 Construction work for hydro-mechanical structures
45248100-8 Canal locks construction work
45248200-9 Dry docks construction work
45248300-0 Construction work for floating docks
45248400-1 Landing stages construction work
45248500-2 Movable barrages construction work
45250000-4 Construction works for plants, mining and manufacturing and for buildings relating to the oil and gas industry
45251000-1 Construction works for power plants and heating plants
45251100-2 Construction work for power plant
45251110-5 Nuclear-power station construction work
45251111-2 Construction work for nuclear reactors
45251120-8 Hydro-electric plant construction work
45251140-4 Thermal power plant construction work
45251141-1 Geothermal power station construction work
45251142-8 Wood-fired power station construction work
45251143-5 Compressed-air generating plant construction work
45251150-7 Construction work for cooling towers
45251160-0 Wind-power installation works
45251200-3 Heating plant construction work
45251220-9 Cogeneration plant construction work
45251230-2 Steam-generation plant construction work
45251240-5 Landfill-gas electricity generating plant construction work
45251250-8 District-heating plant construction work
45252000-8 Construction works for sewage treatment plants, purification plants and refuse incineration plants
45252100-9 Sewage-treatment plant construction work
45252110-2 Mobile plant construction work
45252120-5 Water-treatment plant construction work
45252121-2 Sedimentation installations
45252122-9 Sewage digesters
45252123-6 Screening installations
45252124-3 Dredging and pumping works
45252125-0 Rock-dumping work
45252126-7 Drinking-water treatment plant construction work
45252127-4 Wastewater treatment plant construction work
45252130-8 Sewage plant equipment
45252140-1 Sludge-dewatering plant construction work
45252150-4 Coal-handling plant construction work
45252200-0 Purification plant equipment
45252210-3 Water purification plant construction work
45252300-1 Refuse-incineration plant construction work
45253000-5 Construction work for chemical-processing plant
45253100-6 Demineralisation plant construction work
45253200-7 Desulphurisation plant construction work
45253300-8 Distilling or rectifying plant construction work
45253310-1 Water-distillation plants construction work
45253320-4 Alcohol-distillation plants construction work
45253400-9 Construction work for petrochemical plant
45253500-0 Construction work for pharmaceutical plant
45253600-1 Deionisation plant construction work
45253700-2 Digestion plant construction work
45253800-3 Composting plant construction work
45254000-2 Construction work for mining and manufacturing
45254100-3 Construction work for mining
45254110-6 Pithead construction work
45254200-4 Construction work for manufacturing plant
45255000-9 Construction work for the oil and gas industry
45255100-0 Construction work for production platforms
45255110-3 Wells construction work
45255120-6 Platforms facilities construction work
45255121-3 Topside facilities construction work
45255200-1 Oil refinery construction work
45255210-4 Oil terminal construction work
45255300-2 Gas terminal construction work
45255400-3 Fabrication work
45255410-6 Offshore fabrication work
45255420-9 Onshore fabrication work
45255430-2 Demolition of oil platforms
45255500-4 Drilling and exploration work
45255600-5 Coiled-tubing wellwork
45255700-6 Coal-gasification plant construction work
45255800-7 Gas-production plant construction work
45259000-7 Repair and maintenance of plant
45259100-8 Wastewater-plant repair and maintenance work
45259200-9 Purification-plant repair and maintenance work
45259300-0 Heating-plant repair and maintenance work
45259900-6 Plant upgrade work
45260000-7 Roof works and other special trade construction works
45261000-4 Erection and related works of roof frames and coverings
45261100-5 Roof-framing work
45261200-6 Roof-covering and roof-painting work
45261210-9 Roof-covering work
45261211-6 Roof-tiling work
45261212-3 Roof-slating work
45261213-0 Metal roof-covering work
45261214-7 Bituminous roof-covering work
45261215-4 Solar panel roof-covering work
45261220-2 Roof-painting and other coating work
45261221-9 Roof-painting work
45261222-6 Cement roof-coating work
45261300-7 Flashing and guttering work
45261310-0 Flashing work
45261320-3 Guttering work
45261400-8 Sheeting work
45261410-1 Roof insulation work
45261420-4 Waterproofing work
45261900-3 Roof repair and maintenance work
45261910-6 Roof repair
45261920-9 Roof maintenance work
45262000-1 Special trade construction works other than roof works
45262100-2 Scaffolding work
45262110-5 Scaffolding dismantling work
45262120-8 Scaffolding erection work
45262200-3 Foundation work and water-well drilling
45262210-6 Foundation work
45262211-3 Pile driving
45262212-0 Trench sheeting work
45262213-7 Diaphragm wall technique
45262220-9 Water-well drilling
45262300-4 Concrete work
45262310-7 Reinforced-concrete work
45262311-4 Concrete carcassing work
45262320-0 Screed works
45262321-7 Floor-screed works
45262330-3 Concrete repair work
45262340-6 Grouting work
45262350-9 Unreinforced-concrete work
45262360-2 Cementing work
45262370-5 Concrete-coating work
45262400-5 Structural steel erection work
45262410-8 Structural steel erection work for buildings
45262420-1 Structural steel erection work for structures
45262421-8 Offshore mooring work
45262422-5 Subsea drilling work
45262423-2 Deck-fabrication work
45262424-9 Offshore-module fabrication work
45262425-6 Jacket-fabrication work
45262426-3 Pile-fabrication work
45262500-6 Masonry and bricklaying work
45262510-9 Stonework
45262511-6 Stone carving
45262512-3 Dressed stonework
45262520-2 Bricklaying work
45262521-9 Facing brickwork
45262522-6 Masonry work
45262600-7 Miscellaneous special-trade construction work
45262610-0 Industrial chimneys
45262620-3 Supporting walls
45262630-6 Construction of furnaces
45262640-9 Environmental improvement works
45262650-2 Cladding works
45262660-5 Asbestos-removal work
45262670-8 Metalworking
45262680-1 Welding
45262690-4 Refurbishment of run-down buildings
45262700-8 Building alteration work
45262710-1 Fresco maintenance work
45262800-9 Building extension work
45262900-0 Balcony work
45300000-0 Building installation work
45310000-3 Electrical installation work
45311000-0 Electrical wiring and fitting work
45311100-1 Electrical wiring work
45311200-2 Electrical fitting work
45312000-7 Alarm system and antenna installation work
45312100-8 Fire-alarm system installation work
45312200-9 Burglar-alarm system installation work
45312300-0 Antenna installation work
45312310-3 Lightning-protection works
45312311-0 Lightning-conductor installation work
45312320-6 Television aerial installation work
45312330-9 Radio aerial installation work
45313000-4 Lift and escalator installation work
45313100-5 Lift installation work
45313200-6 Escalator installation work
45313210-9 Travelator installation work
45314000-1 Installation of telecommunications equipment
45314100-2 Installation of telephone exchanges
45314120-8 Installation of switchboards
45314200-3 Installation of telephone lines
45314300-4 Installation of cable infrastructure
45314310-7 Installation of cable laying
45314320-0 Installation of computer cabling
45315000-8 Electrical installation work of heating and other electrical building-equipment
45315100-9 Electrical engineering installation works
45315200-0 Turbine works
45315300-1 Electricity supply installations
45315400-2 High voltage installation work
45315500-3 Medium-voltage installation work
45315600-4 Low-voltage installation work
45315700-5 Switching station installation work
45316000-5 Installation work of illumination and signalling systems
45316100-6 Installation of outdoor illumination equipment
45316110-9 Installation of road lighting equipment
45316200-7 Installation of signalling equipment
45316210-0 Installation of traffic monitoring equipment
45316211-7 Installation of illuminated road signs
45316212-4 Installation of traffic lights
45316213-1 Installation of traffic guidance equipment
45316220-3 Installation of airport signalling equipment
45316230-6 Installation of port signalling equipment
45317000-2 Other electrical installation work
45317100-3 Electrical installation work of pumping equipment
45317200-4 Electrical installation work of transformers
45317300-5 Electrical installation work of electrical distribution apparatus
45317400-6 Electrical installation work of filtration equipment
45320000-6 Insulation work
45321000-3 Thermal insulation work
45323000-7 Sound insulation work
45324000-4 Plasterboard works
45330000-9 Plumbing and sanitary works
45331000-6 Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work
45331100-7 Central-heating installation work
45331110-0 Boiler installation work
45331200-8 Ventilation and air-conditioning installation work
45331210-1 Ventilation installation work
45331211-8 Outdoor ventilation installation work
45331220-4 Air-conditioning installation work
45331221-1 Partial air-conditioning installation work
45331230-7 Installation work of cooling equipment
45331231-4 Installation work of refrigeration equipment
45332000-3 Plumbing and drain-laying work
45332200-5 Water plumbing work
45332300-6 Drain-laying work
45332400-7 Sanitary fixture installation work
45333000-0 Gas-fitting installation work
45333100-1 Gas regulation equipment installation work
45333200-2 Gas meter installation work
45340000-2 Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work
45341000-9 Erection of railings
45342000-6 Erection of fencing
45343000-3 Fire-prevention installation works
45343100-4 Fireproofing work
45343200-5 Firefighting equipment installation work
45343210-8 CO2 fire-extinguishing equipment installation work
45343220-1 Fire-extinguishers installation work
45343230-4 Sprinkler systems installation work
45350000-5 Mechanical installations
45351000-2 Mechanical engineering installation works
45400000-1 Building completion work
45410000-4 Plastering work
45420000-7 Joinery and carpentry installation work
45421000-4 Joinery work
45421100-5 Installation of doors and windows and related components
45421110-8 Installation of door and window frames
45421111-5 Installation of door frames
45421112-2 Installation of window frames
45421120-1 Installation of thresholds
45421130-4 Installation of doors and windows
45421131-1 Installation of doors
45421132-8 Installation of windows
45421140-7 Installation of metal joinery except doors and windows
45421141-4 Installation of partitioning
45421142-1 Installation of shutters
45421143-8 Installation work of blinds
45421144-5 Installation work of awnings
45421145-2 Installation work of roller blinds
45421146-9 Installation of suspended ceilings
45421147-6 Installation of grilles
45421148-3 Installation of gates
45421150-0 Non-metal joinery installation work
45421151-7 Installation of fitted kitchens
45421152-4 Installation of partition walls
45421153-1 Installation of built-in furniture
45421160-3 Ironmongery work
45422000-1 Carpentry installation work
45422100-2 Woodwork
45430000-0 Floor and wall covering work
45431000-7 Tiling work
45431100-8 Floor-tiling work
45431200-9 Wall-tiling work
45432000-4 Floor-laying and covering, wall-covering and wall-papering work
45432100-5 Floor laying and covering work
45432110-8 Floor-laying work
45432111-5 Laying work of flexible floor coverings
45432112-2 Laying of paving
45432113-9 Parquet flooring
45432114-6 Wood flooring work
45432120-1 False floor installation work
45432121-8 Computer floors
45432130-4 Floor-covering work
45432200-6 Wall-covering and wall-papering work
45432210-9 Wall-covering work
45432220-2 Wall-papering work
45440000-3 Painting and glazing work
45441000-0 Glazing work
45442000-7 Application work of protective coatings
45442100-8 Painting work
45442110-1 Painting work of buildings
45442120-4 Painting and protective-coating work of structures
45442121-1 Painting work of structures
45442180-2 Repainting work
45442190-5 Paint-stripping work
45442200-9 Application work of anti-corrosive coatings
45442210-2 Galvanizing works
45442300-0 Surface-protection work
45443000-4 Facade work
45450000-6 Other building completion work
45451000-3 Decoration work
45451100-4 Ornamentation fitting work
45451200-5 Panelling work
45451300-6 Interior gardens
45452000-0 Exterior cleaning work for buildings
45452100-1 Blast cleaning work for building exteriors
45453000-7 Overhaul and refurbishment work
45453100-8 Refurbishment work
45454000-4 Restructuring work
45454100-5 Restoration work
45500000-2 Hire of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment with operator
45510000-5 Hire of cranes with operator
45520000-8 Hire of earthmoving equipment with operator