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Recreational, cultural and sporting services

Code Name
92100000-2 Motion picture and video services
92110000-5 Motion picture and video tape production and related services
92111000-2 Motion picture and video production services
92111100-3 Training-film and video-tape production
92111200-4 Advertising, propaganda and information film and video-tape production
92111210-7 Advertising film production
92111220-0 Advertising video-tape production
92111230-3 Propaganda film production
92111240-6 Propaganda video-tape production
92111250-9 Information film production
92111260-2 Information video-tape production
92111300-5 Entertainment film and video-tape production
92111310-8 Entertainment film production
92111320-1 Entertainment video-tape production
92112000-9 Services in connection with motion-picture and video-tape production
92120000-8 Motion-picture or video-tape distribution services
92121000-5 Video-tape distribution services
92122000-2 Motion picture distribution services
92130000-1 Motion picture projection services
92140000-4 Video-tape projection services
92200000-3 Radio and television services
92210000-6 Radio services
92211000-3 Radio production services
92213000-7 Small scale radio systems services
92214000-4 Radio studio or equipment services
92215000-1 General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS)
92216000-8 Family Radio Services (FRS)
92217000-5 General Mobile Radio Services/Family Radio Services (GMRS/FRS)
92220000-9 Television services
92221000-6 Television production services
92222000-3 Closed circuit television services
92224000-7 Digital television
92225000-4 Interactive television
92225100-7 Film-on-demand television
92226000-1 Teleprogrammation
92230000-2 Radio and television cable services
92231000-9 International bilateral services and international private leased lines
92232000-6 Cable TV
92300000-4 Entertainment services
92310000-7 Artistic and literary creation and interpretation services
92311000-4 Works of art
92312000-1 Artistic services
92312100-2 Theatrical producers', singer groups', bands' and orchestras' entertainment services
92312110-5 Theatrical producer entertainment services
92312120-8 Singer group entertainment services
92312130-1 Band entertainment services
92312140-4 Orchestral entertainment services
92312200-3 Services provided by authors, composers, sculptors, entertainers and other individual artists
92312210-6 Services provided by authors
92312211-3 Writing agency services
92312212-0 Services related to the preparation of training manuals
92312213-7 Technical author services
92312220-9 Services provided by composers
92312230-2 Services provided by sculptors
92312240-5 Services provided by entertainers
92312250-8 Services provided by individual artists
92312251-5 Disk-jockey services
92320000-0 Arts-facility operation services
92330000-3 Recreational-area services
92331000-0 Fair and amusement park services
92331100-1 Fair services
92331200-2 Amusement park services
92331210-5 Children animation services
92332000-7 Beach services
92340000-6 Dance and performance entertainment services
92341000-3 Circus services
92342000-0 Dance-instruction services
92342100-1 Ballroom dance-instruction services
92342200-2 Discotheque dance-instruction services
92350000-9 Gambling and betting services
92351000-6 Gambling services
92351100-7 Lottery operating services
92351200-8 Casino operating services
92352000-3 Betting services
92352100-4 Totalisator operating services
92352200-5 Bookmaking services
92360000-2 Pyrotechnic services
92370000-5 Sound technician
92400000-5 News-agency services
92500000-6 Library, archives, museums and other cultural services
92510000-9 Library and archive services
92511000-6 Library services
92512000-3 Archive services
92512100-4 Archive destruction services
92520000-2 Museum services and preservation services of historical sites and buildings
92521000-9 Museum services
92521100-0 Museum-exhibition services
92521200-1 Preservation services of exhibits and specimens
92521210-4 Preservation services of exhibits
92521220-7 Preservation services of specimens
92522000-6 Preservation services of historical sites and buildings
92522100-7 Preservation services of historical sites
92522200-8 Preservation services of historical buildings
92530000-5 Botanical and zoological garden services and nature reserve services
92531000-2 Botanical garden services
92532000-9 Zoological garden services
92533000-6 Nature reserve services
92534000-3 Wildlife preservation services
92600000-7 Sporting services
92610000-0 Sports facilities operation services
92620000-3 Sport-related services
92621000-0 Sports-event promotion services
92622000-7 Sports-event organisation services
92700000-8 Cybercafé services