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Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

Code Name
90400000-1 Sewage services
90410000-4 Sewage removal services
90420000-7 Sewage treatment services
90430000-0 Sewage disposal services
90440000-3 Treatment services of cesspools
90450000-6 Treatment services of septic tanks
90460000-9 Cesspool or septic tank emptying services
90470000-2 Sewer cleaning services
90480000-5 Sewerage management services
90481000-2 Operation of a sewage plant
90490000-8 Sewer survey and sewage treatment consultancy services
90491000-5 Sewer survey services
90492000-2 Sewage treatment consultancy services
90500000-2 Refuse and waste related services
90510000-5 Refuse disposal and treatment
90511000-2 Refuse collection services
90511100-3 Urban solid-refuse collection services
90511200-4 Household-refuse collection services
90511300-5 Litter collection services
90511400-6 Paper collecting services
90512000-9 Refuse transport services
90513000-6 Non-hazardous refuse and waste treatment and disposal services
90513100-7 Household-refuse disposal services
90513200-8 Urban solid-refuse disposal services
90513300-9 Refuse incineration services
90513400-0 Ash disposal services
90513500-1 Treatment and disposal of foul liquids
90513600-2 Sludge removal services
90513700-3 Sludge transport services
90513800-4 Sludge treatment services
90513900-5 Sludge disposal services
90514000-3 Refuse recycling services
90520000-8 Radioactive-, toxic-, medical- and hazardous waste services
90521000-5 Radioactive waste treatment services
90521100-6 Collection of radioactive waste
90521200-7 Radioactive waste storage services
90521300-8 Disposal of radioactive waste
90521400-9 Transport of radioactive waste
90521410-2 Transportation of low level nuclear waste
90521420-5 Transportation of intermediate level nuclear waste
90521500-0 Packaging of radioactive waste
90521510-3 Packaging of low level nuclear waste
90521520-6 Packaging of intermediate level nuclear waste
90522000-2 Services relating to contaminated soil
90522100-3 Removal of contaminated soil
90522200-4 Disposal of contaminated soil
90522300-5 Contaminated-soil treatment services
90522400-6 Cleaning and treatment of soil
90523000-9 Toxic waste disposal services except radioactive waste and contaminated soil
90523100-0 Weapons and ammunition disposal services
90523200-1 Bomb-disposal services
90523300-2 Mine sweeping services
90524000-6 Medical waste services
90524100-7 Clinical-waste collection services
90524200-8 Clinical-waste disposal services
90524300-9 Removal services of biological waste
90524400-0 Collection, transport and disposal of hospital waste
90530000-1 Operation of a refuse site
90531000-8 Landfill management services
90532000-5 Coal-tip management services
90533000-2 Waste-tip management services
90600000-3 Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services
90610000-6 Street-cleaning and sweeping services
90611000-3 Street-cleaning services
90612000-0 Street-sweeping services
90620000-9 Snow-clearing services
90630000-2 Ice-clearing services
90640000-5 Gully cleaning and emptying services
90641000-2 Gully cleaning services
90642000-9 Gully emptying services
90650000-8 Asbestos removal services
90660000-1 Deleading services
90670000-4 Disinfecting and exterminating services in urban or rural areas
90680000-7 Beach cleaning services
90690000-0 Graffiti removal services
90700000-4 Environmental services
90710000-7 Environmental management
90711000-4 Environmental impact assessment other than for construction
90711100-5 Risk or hazard assessment other than for construction
90711200-6 Environmental standards other than for construction
90711300-7 Environmental indicators analysis other than for construction
90711400-8 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services other than for construction
90711500-9 Environmental monitoring other than for construction
90712000-1 Environmental planning
90712100-2 Urban environmental development planning
90712200-3 Forest conservation strategy planning
90712300-4 Marine conservation strategy planning
90712400-5 Natural resources management or conservation strategy planning services
90712500-6 Environmental institution building or planning
90713000-8 Environmental issues consultancy services
90713100-9 Consulting services for water-supply and waste-water other than for construction
90714000-5 Environmental auditing
90714100-6 Environmental information systems
90714200-7 Corporate environmental auditing services
90714300-8 Sectoral environmental auditing services
90714400-9 Activity specific environmental auditing services
90714500-0 Environmental quality control services
90714600-1 Environmental security control services
90715000-2 Pollution investigation services
90715100-3 Chemicals and oil pollution investigation services
90715110-6 Gasworks site investigation
90715120-9 Chemical works or oil refinery waste site investigation
90715200-4 Other pollution investigation services
90715210-7 Oil depot or terminal site investigation
90715220-0 Industrial site investigation
90715230-3 Industrial waste site investigation
90715240-6 Wood treatment plant site investigation
90715250-9 Dry cleaning plants site investigation
90715260-2 Foundry site investigation
90715270-5 Recycling plant site investigation
90715280-8 Food processing plant site investigation
90720000-0 Environmental protection
90721000-7 Environmental safety services
90721100-8 Landscape protection services
90721200-9 Ozone protection services
90721300-0 Food or feed contamination protection services
90721400-1 Genetic resources protection services
90721500-2 Toxic substances protection services
90721600-3 Radiation protection services
90721700-4 Endangered species protection services
90721800-5 Natural risks or hazards protection services
90722000-4 Environmental rehabilitation
90722100-5 Industrial site rehabilitation
90722200-6 Environmental decontamination services
90722300-7 Land reclamation services
90730000-3 Pollution tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation
90731000-0 Services related to air pollution
90731100-1 Air quality management
90731200-2 Transboundary air pollution management or control services
90731210-5 Purchase of CO2 emission credits
90731300-3 Air pollution protection services
90731400-4 Air pollution monitoring or measurement services
90731500-5 Toxic gas detection services
90731600-6 Methane monitoring
90731700-7 Carbon dioxide monitoring services
90731800-8 Airborne particle monitoring
90731900-9 Ozone depletion monitoring services
90732000-7 Services related to soil pollution
90732100-8 Soil pollution protection services
90732200-9 Polluted soil removal services
90732300-0 Polluted soil treatment or rehabilitation
90732400-1 Soil pollution advisory services
90732500-2 Soil pollution mapping
90732600-3 Soil pollution measurement or monitoring
90732700-4 Organic fertilizer pollution assessment
90732800-5 Pesticides pollution assessment
90732900-6 Nitrates and phosphates pollution assessment
90732910-9 Nitrates pollution assessment
90732920-2 Phosphates pollution assessment
90733000-4 Services related to water pollution
90733100-5 Surface water pollution monitoring or control services
90733200-6 Surface water pollution rehabilitation services
90733300-7 Surface water pollution protection services
90733400-8 Surface water treatment services
90733500-9 Surface water pollution drainage services
90733600-0 Transboundary water pollution management or control services
90733700-1 Groundwater pollution monitoring or control services
90733800-2 Groundwater pollution drainage services
90733900-3 Groundwater pollution treatment or rehabilitation
90740000-6 Pollutants tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation services
90741000-3 Services related to oil pollution
90741100-4 Oil spillage monitoring services
90741200-5 Oil spillage control services
90741300-6 Oil spillage rehabilitation services
90742000-0 Services related to noise pollution
90742100-1 Noise control services
90742200-2 Noise pollution protection services
90742300-3 Noise pollution monitoring services
90742400-4 Noise pollution advisory services
90743000-7 Services related to toxic substances pollution
90743100-8 Toxic substances monitoring services
90743200-9 Toxic substances rehabilitation services
90900000-6 Cleaning and sanitation services
90910000-9 Cleaning services
90911000-6 Accommodation, building and window cleaning services
90911100-7 Accommodation cleaning services
90911200-8 Building-cleaning services
90911300-9 Window-cleaning services
90912000-3 Blast-cleaning services for tubular structures
90913000-0 Tank and reservoir cleaning services
90913100-1 Tank-cleaning services
90913200-2 Reservoir cleaning services
90914000-7 Car park cleaning services
90915000-4 Furnace and chimney cleaning services
90916000-1 Cleaning services of telephone equipment
90917000-8 Cleaning services of transport equipment
90918000-5 Bin-cleaning services
90919000-2 Office, school and office equipment cleaning services
90919100-3 Cleaning services of office equipment
90919200-4 Office cleaning services
90919300-5 School cleaning services
90920000-2 Facility related sanitation services
90921000-9 Disinfecting and exterminating services
90922000-6 Pest-control services
90923000-3 Rat-disinfestation services
90924000-0 Fumigation services