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Hotel, restaurant and retail trade services

Code Name
55100000-1 Hotel services
55110000-4 Hotel accommodation services
55120000-7 Hotel meeting and conference services
55130000-0 Other hotel services
55200000-2 Camping sites and other non-hotel accommodation
55210000-5 Youth hostel services
55220000-8 Camping-site services
55221000-5 Caravan-site services
55240000-4 Holiday centre and holiday home services
55241000-1 Holiday centre services
55242000-8 Holiday home services
55243000-5 Children's holiday-camp services
55250000-7 Letting services of short-stay furnished accommodation
55260000-0 Sleeping-car services
55270000-3 Services provided by bed and breakfast establishments
55300000-3 Restaurant and food-serving services
55310000-6 Restaurant waiter services
55311000-3 Restricted-clientele restaurant waiter services
55312000-0 Unrestricted-clientele restaurant waiter services
55320000-9 Meal-serving services
55321000-6 Meal-preparation services
55322000-3 Meal-cooking services
55330000-2 Cafeteria services
55400000-4 Beverage-serving services
55410000-7 Bar management services
55500000-5 Canteen and catering services
55510000-8 Canteen services
55511000-5 Canteen and other restricted-clientele cafeteria services
55512000-2 Canteen management services
55520000-1 Catering services
55521000-8 Catering services for private households
55521100-9 Meals-on-wheels services
55521200-0 Meal delivery service
55522000-5 Catering services for transport enterprises
55523000-2 Catering services for other enterprises or other institutions
55523100-3 School-meal services
55524000-9 School catering services
55900000-9 Retail trade services